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everyone stop what you are doing and watch this vine rIGHT NOW

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xboxboysblog asked:

Due to the fact that your anti straight is it okay for me to be anti gay?



me joking about straight people on my stupid blog is not causing the systemic oppression of anyone, nor is it putting any straight people in danger. while it might make me annoying to uninformed straight people, nothing i say is harmful in the slightest. when a heterosexual person reads one of my posts and says “wow all straight people arent like that wtf” they can try to educate themselves or simply log off and continue their life in a heteronormative society created for and catering to them almost exclusively. 

being anti-gay is continuing the persecution and demonization of the lgbt community like they have been for centuries. when a queer person reads something homophobic online, especially on this website where they seem to have created a safe space for themselves, they have nowhere to go to escape their oppressors. 

so there you have it:

  • me = mild nuisance
  • you = homophobic asshole

Fuck that. Fuck that right now. I’m going to tell the generation of so called men something right this second. It’s an amazing mystery of the universe. It’s how to never get friendzoned.

This is how you do it.

You come to the terms that the friendzone doesn’t exist and that the most important thing in the universe is not your dick.

My dad getting real defensive when some guy told him I friendzoned them (via youdtearthiscanvasskinapart)


you’re not in the friend zone because you’re too nice, you’re in the friend zone because they’re too nice.

instead of just telling you that you’re an ugly fuck, they went through the trouble of creating some sort of pocket dimension that doesn’t exist to spare your bloated ego even though you most likely don’t deserve that since you’re selfishly trying to get your dick wet under the guise of friendship and kindness anyway.

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